We believe that a happy dog is a happy owner and we will always do our best to achieve this.

Good coat maintenance is essential for your pet and regular visits to a groomer will help to keep you dogs coat clean and healthy. Matted coats can harbour nasty parasites, such as fleas and ticks. It is also much more difficult to notice warts or more sinister lumps or bumps under mats.

Matted fur does not allow the skin underneath to breathe, and if left too long can result in the skin breaking down. This can result in very painful skin for the dog and a costly vet bill for the owner. By having your dog regularly groomed these problems can often be avoided, or dealt with at the very early stages.

Of course, it is very important that owners maintain a regular brushing routine in between the professional grooms. Here at First Prize Pooches a thorough examination of your dogs coat and skin will take place before the groom commences. If any unusual sore patches, warts, lumps or bumps are found we will notify the owner on collection of the dog.

On your first visit, you will have a short consultation with the groomer. We will check over your dogs coat and you will be advised on how to proceed with the groom. In other words, if the coat is very badly matted, you will be advised to clip off and start growing it again, if it is in good condition, you will be advised on the different styles and you can make a choice to suit your needs. If owner has no style preference a well maintained coat will be styled to breed standard. Cross breed will be styled to the closest resembling breed.

Matted fur is uncomfortable for your dog. De-matting it is a very long and painful experience, which can be very stressful and traumatic for the dog. Here at First Prize Pooches, if a dog comes in matted we do the kindest thing and clip off the coat, allowing the dog comfort and a new healthy coat to regrow.

Before a clip off is done, owners will be asked to sign an allowance form. If this is refused, we retain the right to refuse to groom the dog. An extra charge may occur for this procedure.

We use only top quality professional shampoo and conditioner.

All dogs are offered water and taken into the garden area to stretch their legs, or toilet, during their visit.  We respect the fact that your dogs are a part of your family, and during their time with us they are treated as if they are our own. They are cuddled and talked to as we do with our own dogs, and at no time whatsoever are they left unattended.

If we feel at any time that a dog is not enjoying his/her experience, we will contact the owner immediately for them to collect their dog. A charge will then occur for only the services given to the dog.

First Prize Pooches retains the right to refuse any dog that is badly behaved, aggressive, too highly stressed or poses a threat to the groomer or it's own well being.

If a customer is unable to keep an appointment, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  This will then allow us to book this appointment out to another customer.  If 24 hour notice is not given  a £10 charge may apply before another appointment is given.